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Dasera Infographic: Protecting Student Data

When most people think of data risks, they think of big bang security breaches and compromised PII at famous hotel ...
By Tu Phan January 12, 2021

Press Release

[Press Release] Dasera’s Latest Release Secures the Entire Data Lifecycle for Cloud Data Stores

Offers new visibility, governance and protection capabilities, enabling safe use of sensitive data throughout the ...
By Tu Phan December 17, 2020

Product Updates

All That's Included in Dasera's Latest Yellowstone Release: Data Classification, Tagging, Policy Editor, Coaching and More

Thanks for checking out Dasera’s new release. To give it some character, we’re calling it Yellowstone. Why Yellowstone ...
By Thi Thumasathit December 17, 2020

Insider, Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Cybersecurity

Inside Scoop of a Hospital Data Breach

Welcome back to our "Inside Scoop" infographic series. In our inaugural edition, we showcased three different examples ...
By Parth Mukherjee November 24, 2020


10 Inspiring Women Leaders in Cybersecurity to Follow Today

Did you know that the word ‘computer’ was not originally used to refer to the machine? The word ‘computer’ originally ...
By Christina Dang October 28, 2020

Insider Threats, Data Security, SQL Queries, Data Warehouse

Five Cloud Data Threat Scenarios Only Query Analysis Can Protect You From

In today’s digital age, companies have more access than ever before to people’s PII, and general consumer data. As ...
By Parth Mukherjee September 3, 2020

Insider Data Breach, CISO

Zero Trust or Insights-Based Trust: How can CISOs Enable Internal Data & Analytics Adoption

What do Snapchat and Managed Health Services of Indiana have in common? Both have been subjected to data breaches ...
By Parth Mukherjee August 25, 2020

Insider Threats

Book Launch: The Red Book of Insider Threats

Cybersecurity is serious work. Security professionals keep corporate assets and employees safe. They also protect ...
By Parth Mukherjee July 30, 2020

Insider, Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Data Security, Cybersecurity, Insider Data Theft, CISO

The Limitations of Training and Trust: What We can Learn About Insider Threats from the Coronavirus Pandemic

In March the White House and the CDC asked Americans to socially distance for 15 days to slow the spread of ...
By Thi Thumasathit June 30, 2020


[Webinar Summary] SINET Live with UK CEOs - Building Strength On Strength

SINET just pulled together another power-packed webinar with a panel of CEOs from UK-based technology companies, ...
By Parth Mukherjee June 17, 2020

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