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Thi Thumasathit

Thi Thumasathit

VP of Products at Dasera

Product Updates

All That's Included in Dasera's Latest Yellowstone Release: Data Classification, Tagging, Policy Editor, Coaching and More

Thanks for checking out Dasera’s new release. To give it some character, we’re calling it Yellowstone. Why Yellowstone ...
By Thi Thumasathit December 17, 2020

Insider, Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Data Security, Cybersecurity, Insider Data Theft, CISO

The Limitations of Training and Trust: What We can Learn About Insider Threats from the Coronavirus Pandemic

In March the White House and the CDC asked Americans to socially distance for 15 days to slow the spread of ...
By Thi Thumasathit June 30, 2020

Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Data Security

Why you (and everyone you know) have a blind spot for insider threats

At RSA 2020 (ah, the good old pre-pandemic days when we still had trade shows), I met with a PR firm with a substantial ...
By Thi Thumasathit April 9, 2020


How I'm Staying Positive in a Global Pandemic

There’s a global pandemic, you might have heard. Many of us are working from home, sheltering in place, and dealing ...
By Thi Thumasathit March 23, 2020

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