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20 Must-Read Insider Threat Blogs for 2020

CISOs and their teams have to be on their toes all the time. Businesses continuously acquire and store more data, ...
By Christina Dang June 2, 2020

Insider Threats, RSA Conference, Insider Data Breach, Data Security, Dasera, Data Warehouse

Cybersecurity Mashup (Spring 2020): Insider Threats, Data Breaches, and of course COVID

Hello earthlings, look out from your windows. Winter's gone. It's spring! As you jumped from one web conference call to ...
By Parth Mukherjee May 14, 2020

SQL Queries, Data Warehouse

A Brief History of the Data Warehouse

In today’s enterprises, data warehouses are business-critical tools for analysis and decision making tools. But how did ...
By Igor Urisman May 6, 2020

Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach

'Inside Scoop' Infographic: Three Unique Insider Breaches Explained

Here's a thought: How you USE data = How SECURE the data is. We know it's a rather simplistic reduction of the complex ...
By Parth Mukherjee April 28, 2020

Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Data Security, SQL Queries

Queries: the Ground Truth for Cloud Data Security

(This is a blog series on SQL Queries by the Dasera Engineering team. In this first edition, Dasera co-founder and CTO ...
By Noah Johnson April 15, 2020

Insider Threats, Insider Data Breach, Data Security

Why you (and everyone you know) have a blind spot for insider threats

At RSA 2020 (ah, the good old pre-pandemic days when we still had trade shows), I met with a PR firm with a substantial ...
By Thi Thumasathit April 9, 2020

Insider Threats, Dasera

Working Completely Remotely? 7 Things We Did That You Can Adopt Easily

Staying positive (and realistic) in the middle of a pandemic is tough. If you haven't already, please read Thi ...
By Parth Mukherjee March 26, 2020


How I'm Staying Positive in a Global Pandemic

There’s a global pandemic, you might have heard. Many of us are working from home, sheltering in place, and dealing ...
By Thi Thumasathit March 23, 2020

Insider Data Breach, Data Security, Dasera

Why we started Dasera?

There was an insider breach today. And yesterday. And the day before, and the day before that. In fact, there’s been an ...
By Ani Chaudhuri March 9, 2020

Insider Threats, RSA Conference, Dasera RSA

Dasera Presents on Insider Threats at RSA Conference 2020 LaunchPad

Hello world, We’re so excited to launch our blog with this exciting news: we were chosen as a TOP THREE Launch Pad ...
By Parth Mukherjee March 3, 2020

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